About this course:

The goal of this course is to provide students with the knowledge and skills they need for ISP Setup and Administration with Linux Platform. The course focuses on Fundamental of Data Communication, Linux Essentials, Linux System Administrations & Network Configuration, Security & Services and many more.

Course Benefits:

Linux is a full-featured and robust UNIX operating system with a wealth of associated free software, capable of supporting high-performance network services. The quality of Linux Software makes it a low-cost, reliable and supported computing platform which is appropriate for the corporate server environment. This comprehensive hands-on course will provide you the knowledge and skills you need to install, configure and administer a Linux Server for mission-critical network services. You will also learn to install and upgrade key software components with the latest versions and enhance server security. This course also prepare you for RHCE Exam.

Who should attend?

This course is intended for pupils who already have basic knowledge in Linux. The training course will be very helpful for the students who want them to involve in IT administration and/or are directly engaged in IT services and wants to enhance the depth of knowledge. It will help them to become self confident and expert in this arena.

Hands-on training/Specialization:

Participants will gain hands-on experience as they learn how to install, configure and administer a Linux server. Practical exercises include:

  • Installing Linux
  • Providing network file services in a Windows environment
  • Building and configuring a new kernel
  • Installing and configuring a Web server
  • Setting up mail services
  • Setting up name server and proxy server
  • Building a Linux print server for a multi-vendor environment
  • Enabling secure network connections
  • Implementing an FTP server

Benefits of the course:

  • Understanding Basic Network Communication
  • Identifying Network Hardware
  • Understanding OSI Layer
  • Concepts about Data Link Layer Protocols, Understanding Network Layer Protocols and IP Addresses
  • Understanding TCP/IP protocol
  • Administering Linux File systems, Users and Group accounts
  • Editing File using vim editors
  • Administering File and Folder permission
  • Configuring and Troubleshooting Linux OS booting
  • Installing Linux OS in deferent methods
  • Administering File sharing Server (NFS,SAMBA,FTP)
  • Configuring Web Server, Namer Server, Proxy Server and Mail Server
  • Configuring Linux Gateway
  • Securing your communication (ssh, openssl)
  • Monitoring your system